Dear professionals and the youth of South Africa

Your country needs you! You may not be interested in politics, but politics have a profound impact on your life. Your current priorities may prove futile if South Africa becomes a failed state; it’s akin to focusing on cabin upgrade while the Titanic is sinking. The country faces significant systemic issues, and it often appears that the most skilled citizens have relinquished the responsibility of managing the nation to those least equipped for the task.

However, we understand that engaging in South African politics can be challenging. Apart from contending with career politicians who act as gatekeepers, your other pressing priorities may prevent you from being at the forefront of the next shutdown.

CITIZANS is a platform focused on enabling professionals and the youth of South Africa to play a role in building a better  society for current and future generations.

We enable you to contribute by leveraging your skills and getting your input into new laws and policy proposals for a better South Africa. There is no membership required; and the platform is accessible online.

Let’s build a better society for present and future generations.

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The South Africa we envision

Despite our past and current challenges, South Africa is a remarkable country with warm people who want to make a difference. We aspire to build a safe, fair, and prosperous society for all citizens, and to be a beacon of courage and creativity to the world.

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The values we share

We believe in two fundamental values: Accountability and Transparency. To build a better South Africa, we must all be ready to roll up our sleeves and build the country we desire: there are no shortcuts nor handouts. And we need aim for the highest level transparency to improve governance.

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The people we serve

Our primary target is professionals and the youth: the skilled individuals like you with the skills and knowledge the country needs to tackle the systemic challenges and opportunities. We hope to reach more people through leveraging the high influence you have within your social circles.

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The role we play

We synthesise collective input into well-researched policy proposals for a better South Africa. We then pursue all available avenues to effect change, including community level activism, lobbying, and court challenges where necessary.

Matters of Priority
for the country

We have identified what we consider to be the 7 foremost priorities for South Africa. To kickstart the process, we have crafted what we believe are unique and innovative proposals under each priority, and we are keen to hear your views and input to enrich them further.

We call them SA Priorities for Prosperity 2035.

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Pledge your support,
make a difference

We need your support in contributing towards funding movement initiatives aimed at building a safe, fair, and prosperous South Africa for current and future generations.

You are not a helpless
bystander, you have superpowers

You have powers to contribute towards building a better South Africa. While Protest Power may require involving others, there are superpowers you can exercise as an individual, such as Voting Power, Knowledge Power, and Spending Power.

We value your input

Are you ready to share your thoughts on new laws, the 7 priorities and respective proposals, or anything else? We would love to hear from you.

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Keen to join our team?

Building a better South Africa requires that we use the best of skills we can find.  The opportunities to contribute include day to day management of the movement, and becoming a public representative of the movement in parliament.

Check regularly for the exciting opportunity to make a difference.

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