Your powers

Your Powers

In the face of the formidable challenges that confront our nation, it’s natural to sometimes feel despondent and powerless as an individual. However, it’s important to recognize that real change emerges from the collective impact of individual actions. Your contributions, no matter how seemingly small, can set in motion a chain reaction of positive change. As a citizen, you possess a range of potent tools in your arsenal, including Protest Power, Knowledge Power, Spending Power, and Voting Power.
Among these powerful instruments, our primary focus lies in empowering you to harness your Knowledge Power, Spending Power, and Voting Power. These are the levers through which you can actively shape the future of South Africa.

Voting Power

Voter turnout in South Africa has been on a decline, with only 46% participation in the 2021 local government election compared to 87% in 1994. The youth, in particular, show low engagement, with just 20% of those aged 18 to 35 registered. Voting is your direct path to influence change in government. We urge every citizen to take part. CITIZANS provides well-researched insights to inform your political choices and discussions. Exercise your right to vote, starting with registering to vote and encourage those within you network to do same. You can check voter status online

Knowledge Power

It often seems like the most challenging task of running a government has been left to the least skilled members of society. Much of the skills required to build a better South Africa sits with professionals like you, who mostly use their skills in private sector.
With governance facing challenges that risk the collapse of key systems and infrastructure, your contribution is more crucial than ever. CITIZANS offers a convenient platform for you to lend your expertise and influence policy proposals that will benefit current and future generations.

Spending Power

Every purchase you make is a choice to support businesses that align with your vision of a better South Africa. Instead of dwelling on companies that fall short, let’s spotlight those actively contributing to a safer, fairer, and more prosperous society. These are the businesses that prioritize economic empowerment, invest in enterprise and supplier development, and champion workplace diversity. In the future, we’ll introduce an online section where you can find a list of such forward-thinking companies, based on a defined scorecard. We encourage you to use your Spending Power to support these businesses. Watch the space!

You are not a helpless
bystander, you have superpowers

You have powers to contribute towards building a better South Africa. While Protest Power may require collective action, there are immediate powers you can exercise, such as Knowledge Power, Spending Power, and Voting Power. You can learn more about your powers, and also check if you are registered to vote.

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