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About us

CITIZANS is a movement focused on engaging professionals and the youth of South Africa  to contribute towards building a better society. We collate input from you and others, and use it to influence legislation, policies, and governance. Building a better South Africa for current and future generations cannot be left to others: we all have to play our part.

We are also registered to contest national elections (the rest of government layers are unnecessary in our view, except for political patronage; there cannot be 100 different political views on provision of water as an example). We are a non-membership platform: you can get involved with CITIZANS as an interested citizen willing to contribute knowledge, as a volunteer, as a donor, or even formally as an employee or public representative.

Citizans Who We Are

Our objectives are:

Our aspirations encompass:

Encourage civic activism in
professionals and the youth


Elevating quality of
political debates


Pioneering transformative
socio-political policies


Nurturing high-caliber


Enhancing policy
implementation effectiveness


Advocating for professional
public service


Promoting voter education
and participation

Our shared Aspirations and values

Our posture on what we believe are priorities for South Africa is driven by our aspirations for the country and our shared values.

Our Shared Aspirations:

1. A Safe, Fair, and Prosperous Society 
South Africa’s success hinges on creating a fair and prosperous home for every citizen. While we can’t erase our challenging past, we aspire for a society where all South Africans feel a sense of belonging and home.

2. A Beacon of Courage and Creativity to the World
We are a people of boundless courage; of true grit. We need to reclaim our position in the world as a nation that packs a big punch in the global economy, innovation, creativity, sports, peace efforts, and geopolitics.

Our Shared Values:

1. Accountability 
There is no one coming to save us: it will take each of us playing part to build a better South Africa. We should reward contribution.

2. Transparency 
To improve goverance, we need to aim for the highest level of transparency on all aspects with impact on how state functions.

Leadership and management

Our movement operates through two formal structures: the National Council and the Executive Management Team

National Council

The National Council serves as the highest decision-making body within our movement. Its responsibilities include formulating our strategic direction, and appointing the executive team and public representatives. Council membership is by nomination and approval by fellow council members.

The council is currently chaired by Jan Moganwa; you can find Jan’s profile on LinkedIn.

Executive Management

The Executive Management Team is appointed by the council and is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day activities of the movement on behalf of the National Council. Executive roles are typically fixed-term employment contracts.

Movement Funding

We hold very strong views against the growing cost of contesting elections, which in our view is fertile ground for state capture. More important, the high cost is so prohibitive it makes the right to contest elections out of reach of most South Africans.

Our target funding sources are as follows:

  • Donations
  • Branded products
  • Political insights engagements with corporates and other organisations

Donations and branded products purchases can be done online.

Current laws in South Africa require public disclosure of donations more than R100 000 in one financial year. We have limited online donations to R100 000; if you or your organisation would like to donate more than R100 000 in a financial year , please send us an email at Funding@citizans.org so we can engage further and assess compatibility with our organisational aspirations,  values. and Policy Proposals before a donation is made.

For political insights engagements with boards or management teams, please reach out to us via email at Insights@citizans.org


We appreciate your donation toward funding efforts aimed at building a better South Africa for current and future generations.

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